Instituto Muda Brasil is a public non-profit organization. Established in 2006, with the objective of developing a work of human promotion and fight against poverty, through socio-educational activities, entrepreneurship and community development.

Strengthen hope and generate opportunities for each human being to recover their identity, pursue their dreams and transform their reality.


To be recognized as an organization that develops and disseminates projects that contribute to the valorization of the individual and to social transformation.




In 2005, new partnerships with the Clube Escola program of the São Paulo City Hall and local companies brought the expansion of work and in an old shed close to the favela, hundreds of families in the community started to be served and, now covering other forms of action , including arts and entertainment and gradually captivating the heart and trust of the local community. In 2006, the institute was officially established.

Vídeo de Dez/2007.

In 2012, our statute was changed to the new company name: Instituto Muda Brasil! We started to expand by opening spaces in other places: Interlagos - SP, Nioaque - MT and we started Consulting activities, GESC. We inaugurated another nucleus in the District of Socorro, with the implementation of more social sports projects and professional training! In 2013 we obtained the COMAS seal from the Municipal Secretariat of Assistance and Social Development of the City of São Paulo.

Vídeo de out/2015.

In August 2004, two consecutive fires hit the Espraiadas water community, affecting most of the residents. It was when volunteers from the Presbyterian Church and the Alliance started to get involved with the local community, sheltering 8 boys in one of the churches and another 30 in a rented house. What at first were supposed to be 3 days, became 6 months and the coexistence of that small group brought to light the need not only for shelter, but to generate transformation. With the support of the Clube Paulistano, which also opened its doors, we find sport as the main path of development and in football an attractive activity to take them off the streets and offer new opportunities for learning, relationships, experiences, building a new future for this generation. The Geração Vida Nova Project was born here.

In 2007, we won the TOP SOCIAL award. In 2008, the CMDCA seal (Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents). In 2009, we won the OSCIP Seal (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) provided by the Ministry of Justice of Brazil, whose purpose is to facilitate the appearance of partnerships and agreements with all levels of government and public bodies. We also established a Partnership with SELJ-SP (Secretariat of Sport, Leisure and Youth - Social Sport), in 2010, the partnership with SEME (Municipal Department of Education - Voldeio and CDC) initiated projects in incentive law and fundraising. In 2011, we joined forces with FUMCAD Projects (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents) and structured the Project's financial area.

In 2016, we started the Jovem Aprendiz Muda Brasil program, responsible for including hundreds of young people in the job market and new projects for preparing for the job market, started to be born from there, including the inaugurated FUSSESP pole, offering new knowledge opportunities vocational, training for entering the labor market, ethics and much more! So far, almost 15 years of work and great challenges have gone on and we remain focused, believing in a significant change and in a Brazil with opportunities for everyone!

Instituto Muda Brasil

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